Before you date an outdoor enthusiast: 10 things you should know


We’ve talked about 10 reasons why you should date an outdoor enthusiast, but if you do, make sure you’re aware of these 10 things. After all, we are a special breed .

1) We never stop finding new places.

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The travel bucket list will never end I am afraid. So if you think you see light at the end of the tunnel, I promise you we have more trips planned to far off places.

2) Most of us live out of our car.

This means that our car is never clean. Ever. Even when we say it is clean it’s just an organized mess.

3) We come prepared for everything.

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Being outside brings experience and so we have found a way to adapt by having every possible tool, and it’s all in that car of ours. If you have a blister, don’t worry, we have duck tape, blister band aids and polysporin all in the trunk.

4) Having to Pee is such a hassle.

Peeing on the side of the road while you flash ten cars passing by does not really phase us. We have gone in worse places.

5) Dirty river water makes for a great shower.

In fact any water makes for a great shower. We here at tentree like to be very minimalistic and actually enjoy getting close up to nature and it’s shower amenities. A waterfall is a real find!

6) We live life on the edge.

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This means that if you ever go hiking with us you’ll find yourself saddled with worry as you watch us jump from rock to rock beside some of the craziest cliffs. Forests and mountains feel like home for us.

7) We all have the same love for nature.

If you ever date an outdoor enthusiast you will find that we all support the protection of all things nature. Like at tentree where we actually plant trees to encourage reforestation.

8) We generally enjoy sleeping outside.

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If you were to give us a choice between a hotel and a hot shower or a tent out in the cold we would probably pick the tent every time. Sleep under the stars one night and you might understand.

9) We all seem to have happy relaxed personalities.

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Most outdoor types are free spirited and overly happy. Fresh air seems to have this affect. It will probably rub off on you and you’ll find yourself happier than ever.

10) Lastly outdoor enthusiasts are strong souls.

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We have drive, curiosity and an uncanny love for life. We show respect for our world and try to spread that respect. If you’re lucky enough to date one of us than you are lucky enough.

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